Material Selection

Given the vast experience and injection molding expertise of our engineering staff, we’re eminently qualified – and more than happy – to work with you in determining the best material selection for your custom injection molded product.

Maybe you’re developing a new injection molded product and don’t know which material is best suited for it. We can advise you on all the relevant selection criteria, including what, if any, regulations must be met.

Maybe a material you’re using in an existing injection molded product isn’t performing as intended. We can help you select a more appropriate material that satisfies your requirements. We can offer you a choice of design options, too, if that seems necessary.

Whatever your custom injection molding needs, we work routinely with a wide selection of materials – from ABS to ultem and much in between, including acetyl, nylon, silicone, nitrile, and thermoplastic elastomers.

Expert material selection consultation is just one more reason to contact Calico for all your custom injection molding needs.