What do you do when you want to test a proposed custom injection molded product with a relatively inexpensive short-run trial production – say, 300 to 500 pieces? Turn to the dedicated engineering staff at Calico.

Our advanced CAD/CAM technology enables us to perform high-quality prototyping expeditiously, turning out a small production run of prototype parts in record time. Prototyping is ideal for testing new injection molded product designs, working out bugs, and convincing your customers of product viability.

If you like, we can advise you on material selection and particularly difficult design parameters for injection molded products. This can be helpful if you’re developing a custom product for an industry you haven’t supplied before.

We can make prototypes in a variety of machinable metals, plastics, or rubber compounds – whatever best gives you the accuracy, surface finish, and material properties you need.

This is just one more example of our ability to work with customers to produce their injection molded products from start to finish – from concept and design, through development (including prototyping), to validation and a successful launch.

So, what kind of injection molded products can we prototype for you? Contact Calico.