Value Added Services

We’re known for our superior custom precision injection molding. That’s the foundation of our business. But, as so many companies in so many industries have discovered, we offer a great many other services that complement and enhance our injection molding capabilities. These are value-added services that can mean the difference between a successful product launch and...well, one that’s not so successful.

Our value-added custom injection molding services are a combination of ....

  • complete engineering support, including product concept and design capabilities as well as consultation
  • material selection
  • prototyping
  • Steel-to-plastic injection molding conversions
  • Process-improving secondary equipment capabilities, including conveyors, sprue pickers, separators, diverters
  • superior quality control involving specific testing, evaluation, and calibration of all parts, equipment, and procedures
  • Kanban and Just-in-Time inventory methods – to fulfill our customers’ needs accurately and expeditiously
  • On-time delivery – one of our highest priorities
  • EDI capability

Contact Calico for all your custom precision injection molding needs. And get a lot more value for your money. We’ll show you the difference our value-added services make.