Injection Molding

This is our primary activity ... our bread and butter ... the capability upon which we’ve made our reputation as a reliable, top-quality supplier: custom injection molding of tight-tolerance plastic and silicone components for a variety of industrial applications. Included in our custom injection molding capabilities is the specialized design and manufacture of engineered-grade thermoplastic components and assemblies made from filled and unfilled resins. Few other custom injection molding suppliers go the distance we do with our customers. We offer complete …

  • concept and design services
  • engineering consultation and support
  • product development, including prototyping
  • material selection
  • fabrication capabilities in both plastic and rubber, including steel-to-plastic conversions
  • press capabilities, with a wide range of presses to meet every customer need
  • vertical and horizontal insert molding
  • assembly, including leak testing
  • value-added services, including shoot-and-ship capability

Discover for yourself why so many industries contact Calico for all their custom injection molding needs.